Our Suppliers

Restaurant Monmouth

All of our meats are traditionally farmed

Specialist Butchers & Breeders:- Douglas Willis, Cwmbran—keeping all their   processing in house & sourcing from only the best local farms in the Herefordshire & Monmouthshire countryside

Richard Vaughan “Huntsham Court Farm”, Ross-on-Wye, specialises in producing the finest meat from rare pedigree animals - Longhorn beef, Middle white pork & Ryeland lamb

Seasonal Game:-

Pigeon:- Mr Steven Arnell, Monmouth


All Bread:  Made daily at The Stonemill

All PastaMade daily at The Stonemill

All Ice cream & Sorbet: Made daily at The Stonemill

All Jam & chutney: Made at The Stonemill

All Pastry:- Made daily at The Stonemill


Selected Seasonal Mushrooms: The Wild One  -  Grown very wild in and  around The Forest of Dean                             

Selected Seasonal Vegetables & fruits:- The Stonemill Garden

Selected Seasonal Herbs:- The Stonemill Garden

All year round Fruit & Vegetables:- John Lewis, Fine Foods, Ross-on-Wye


Seafood & Fish—New Wave & Swansea Fish

A large % of our fish is sourced from the English Channel, stretching from Brixham to Plymouth.


We are strong supporters of all things fresh and seasonal at The Stonemill and we take great care and  effort in finding the best local suppliers.